Glass spot market overall trend tends to smooth, the market

    Since the beginning of late August, the glass price has been continuously callback, and has not yet bottomed out. Spot market, the recent rise in the overall price of glass slowed down, lack of confidence in the market. Analysts believe that the poor performance of real estate data weighed on investor confidence, but the stock performance is not very weak, compared with the similar situation this year in 2013 the price of glass glass price trend, period before the end of October is still up space.
    Rely on production enterprises to actively raise prices, nearly a month, the national average glass has been 70 yuan / ton or so. Last week, the overall trend of glass spot market can, out production enterprises were slightly improved, the market price is rising.
    However, from yesterday's situation, the overall trend of glass spot market tends to be stable, production enterprises from the normal market price adjustment range and rate has slowed down, overall, market confidence is down slightly. And the order of downstream processing enterprises has not increased significantly.
    Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei pointed out that the "golden nine silver ten" the first week, first-tier cities overall volume is still in the doldrums, the average down 20%, among them, Beijing down 28%, up by 60%; the average Guangzhou down 32%, representing a decrease of 72%; Shanghai down 22%, fell 27%.
    "Compared with the same period last year, on the one hand is the terminal market decline in demand, glass deep-processing enterprises orders less than expected, especially deep processing enterprises in some areas discontinued because of environmental problems, which affect the operating rate; on the other hand, glass production enterprises of raw materials and fuel prices have different range of prices, causing manufacturers profitability decline. Production enterprises are eager to pass the way of price increase, and transfer the pressure to downstream processing enterprises. At present, the effect is general. Processing enterprises, orders and prices did not rise in the same proportion of the range, or very small, glass prices rose mostly by their own digestion." China Glass futures network analysts believe that.
    Before the end of October is still optimistic
From the Chinese glass futures net survey on yesterday in each region, East China some manufacturers offer slightly follow the market trend in general; the price stability in Southern China, now living in high glass part of central China increased flows; North China did not follow up the early part of the manufacturers prices rose slightly, slightly.
Insiders said that following the convening of price coordination meeting in Central China's production enterprises, Southern China region production enterprises will also be held this weekend price coordination meeting in the region. At present, South market is better than the northern region, before the spot price increases also showed this point. The rapid rise in the price of South market, but also help to hold the northern region's market trend for the better, and thus balance the country's market coordination.
Senior analyst Hu Huaqian research believes that since mid August this year, China's mainstream varieties of white spot average price trend is very similar to 2013. In 2013, the white spot price of China rose slowly and steadily, with a total increase of 58 yuan / ton; in 2017, the spot price of China's white spot rose slowly and steadily, and it has risen by about 70 yuan / ton.
In other words, in 2013 the "golden nine silvers ten 'cycle price equivalent to about half a year ago glass prices rose, based on projections in 2017" the golden nine silvers ten' cycle glass highest price 100 yuan / ton, the future there is a maximum of 30 yuan / ton increase in space, time or peaked in October." Hu Huaqian expresses.
    He believes that the recent glass futures prices weaken, the reason is that investors in the future market and spot market expectations not so optimistic, especially the "golden nine silver ten" the traditional consumption season, China continued weakness in the real estate market, the weakness of the new housing construction area, construction area, the completion of the area and sales area and other data, the property market regulation policy and the central bank to return the money as a result of lack of investor confidence in the market outlook glass. Since late August, glass futures "see the top drop", from 1467 yuan / ton down to 1365 yuan / ton, down 100 yuan / ton.
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